Manufacture of tanks for transportation of oil or gas up to 15 cubic meters.

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Several standard versions and custom-made production.

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Автоцистерна для перевозхки нефти и газа производства Polycar.
Цистерна для перевозки нефтепродуктов.
Автоцистерна для перевозки нефти на базе КРаЗ.

Use of reliable wear-resistant materials and components in production.

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Compliance with Ukrainian and European standards for the transportation of oil products and gas.

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Tankers for transportation of oil or gas (TTOG) – a vehicle with a tank body designed for transportation and temporary storage of oil and gas. Since this type of vehicle is intended for the transport of flammable substances, they are subject to high requirements

In the assortment of our company there are variants of TTOG, made on the basis of various chassis. Also, our experience and the presence of our own design office allows us to make this type of body equipment according to an individual project, taking into account your requirements and budgets.


Volume of the tank up to 15 cub m
Shape rectangular, round or elliptical
Tank filler diameter up to 680 mm
Tank filler with shut-off valves and the possibility of sealing
Cases for hoses 2 pcs. on the sides
Technological niche on request, in the rear part
Outlet of the pipe for distribution in the rear part
Additional mount for fire extinguishers, a ramp and ladder for service, tank wrapping, tool boxes
Автоцистерны для перевозки нефти и газа.
15 November 2019
Автоцистерны для перевозки нефтепродуктов на базе шасси МАЗ и КАМАЗ.

Производство цистерн для перевозки нефтепродуктов на базе автомобилей МАЗ и КАМАЗ для нефтяной украинской компании.