Platform lifting height up to 8 meters, load capacity up to 6000 kg.

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A horizontal lifting mechanism of the "scissors" type.

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Автомобиль с подъемным кузовом (АПК-10) производства Polycar.
Аэродромная техника - АПК-10 производства Polycar.
Автомобиль с подъемным кузовом на базе Iveco.
Аэродромная техника - автомобиль с подъемным кузовом Polycar.

A platform with sides of 800 mm high with folding/removable mechanisms, an awning and rubber bumpers.

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Control using a remote control and a panel with switches on the platform

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A vehicle with a lifting body (VLB) is a special airfield vehicle designed for loading / unloading and transporting luggage, various cargoes and mail to the aircraft and points of issue. The body of this vehicle is a platform with a scissors-type lifting mechanism.

This vehicle can be divided into two main components: a lifting mechanism and a platform. As a lifting mechanism, a hydraulic system of the “scissors” type is used, the lifting is controlled from a remote control, for convenience, the controls are duplicated on the platform. The platform is a welded structure with folding sides, a front protective wall, bumpers and an awning. To distribute the center of gravity during loading / unloading, such vehicles are equipped with hydraulic outriggers.


Platform lifting height up to 8 meters
Platform load capacity up to 6000 kg
Control a remote control and a panel in the platform
Time of raising/lowering 60 seconds
Sides height from 800 mm with folding and removable mechanisms
Platform a construction from steel profiles
Platform surface metal or aluminum
Fenders rubber bumpers
Supports retractable outriggers
Additionally lighting equipment, a ladder, lighting on the platform, an hour meter, side protection, position and marker lights