The volume of the tank is up to 9.5 cubic meters.

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Vacuum pump capacity up to 720 cu. m/h.

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Ассенизаторские машины производства Polycar.

Depth of the cleaned pit up to 8 meters.

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Production on the basis of various brands of chassis, depending on the tasks.

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A sewage suction truck is a special utility vehicle designed for vacuum cleaning of cesspools and sewerage wells for subsequent transportation and unloading at waste disposal sites. The tank is filled with a vacuum pump with a capacity of up to 720 cu m/hour. Unloading can be carried out in two ways: by gravity or by means of a vacuum pump.


Tank volume (cubic meters) up to 9.5
Pump capacity (cubic meters) up to 720
Depth of the cleaned pit (m) up to 8
Unloading by pump or by gravity
Maximum vacuum in the tank 0.085
Tank filling time (min.) up to 8
Hose length up to 15 meters
Additionally flashing lights or light panels, retractable or fixed ladders, etc.