SPECIAL PURPOSE UNIT VEHICLES Vehicles with a high degree of protection, designed to transport special units.

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The degree and options for protection depend on the tasks and scope of activity.

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Автомобили спецназа, производство под заказ в Украине.
Машина специальных подразделений производство в Украине.
Машина спецназа производства Polycar.
Машина спецназа на базе Ford.

Maximum adaptation of the body to the needs of special units and fast loading and unloading.

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A wide range of additional equipment for any task.

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Vehicles of special purpose units are vehicles converted to transport teams of special units (KORD, SOF, ALPHA, etc.). Such cars are made on the basis of trucks, off-road vehicles or minibuses.

The body of such vehicles is equipped with seats for a special unit, cabinets and boxes for weapons, uniforms and protection. Depending on the needs and tasks, the body can be armored, and the windows are protected by steel bars. Also, in such cars, they often install: a light panel, a loudspeaker, engine compartment beacons, video surveillance, additional lighting, etc. During production, the absence of sharp corners in the body, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, communication with the driver are taken into account, the presence of several exits from the body is appreciated, this allows the detachment to leave the body much faster. We have a number of ready-made solutions for various services, and our design department can also work out a custom option.


Protection various degrees of armor, sliding or stationary grating on the windows
Floor covering anti-slip rubber coating
Video surveillance cameras from the outside around the perimeter with a display in the cabin
Interior equipment cabinets and boxes for weapons, equipment, protection, uniforms, seats
Signaling equipment a light panel, engine compartment beacons, a loudspeaker
Entrance from several sides
Additional lighting rotary lamp on the roof, with a remote control
Systems Systems cab communication, heating, ventilation, air conditioning