The volume of the tank is from 1.3 to 15 cubic meters.

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The number of separate compartments for transporting liquids is from 1 to 6.

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Цистерны для технических жидкостей.
Автоцистерна для перевозки жидкостей на базе КРаЗ.

The tank filler on each compartment with a diameter of 500 mm with a breather valve and the possibility of sealing.

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Liquid level sensors, a flow meter with a display, drop ramps and handrails for maintenance.

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A tanker for food and technical liquids is a vehicle equipped with a tank of various sizes, made as a body, for transportation and short-term storage of food or technical liquids. The material of the tank is selected depending on the liquid.

Tanks for the transportation of food liquids (drinking water, milk, etc.) have special requirements that must be taken into account during production. The inner sheathing of tanks for food liquids must have a coating that does not react chemically with the transported materials and is fairly easy to clean (usually food grade steel is used). In this case, the inner surface is even and smooth.

The volume of tanks produced by Polycar ranges from 1.3 to 15 cubic meters. In most cases, the tank has an elliptical or round shape. In the production of tankers, stainless steel for food liquids is used. These types of materials are resistant to wear, and also quite light. On the customer’s request, the container can be divided into several compartments, which will be a very convenient option for transporting several types of different liquids at the same time. Each such compartment is equipped with a separate tank filler with a standard diameter of 500 mm.


Volume from 1.3 to 15 cu. m.
Number of sections from 1 to 6
Internal sheathing food grade stainless steel
External sheathing stainless steel
Drop ramps corrugated steel, aluminum or self-leveling floor
Tank fillers improved type, 500 mm in diameter made of stainless steel with a breather valve and the possibility of sealing
Tank shape round or elliptical
Thermal insulation expanded polystyrene
Subframe steel, reinforced
Shut-off valves disk, stainless steel
Insulation pipelines and a compartment with drain gates
Additionally tool boxes, liquid level sensors, manifold valve, flow meters, side protection, position and marker lights