Welded monolithic subframe construction made of steel or aluminum profiles to choose from.

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Sheathing with sandwich panels, aluminum composite materials or steel sheets.

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Floor covering with moisture resistant bakelite plywood, aluminum sheets or self-leveling floor.

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Options of a complete set and internal space under the order at the discretion of the customer.

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Mobile stalls are widely used in street trade and sale of fast food products in Ukraine. If you are planning to sell fast food (shawarma, pies, buns, etc.), then installing a food truck will be the best option for you. Here you can provide everything you need for cooking, storing and selling food: it can be just boxes, niches with cooling, a cooking panel, an awning, a pull-out rack, etc. Before ordering, carefully consider where and what products your van will sell, the convenience and functional parameters of further use depend on these small tips.

Our company has long been engaged in the production and sale of bodies for trade in Ukraine, so we use reliable and high-quality materials, and the mechanisms that we order from other manufacturers (for example, refrigeration equipment) are time-tested and also have high quality and performance rates.

You can find out more detailed information about auto shops by calling our managers, they will guide you on the main issues, help you decide on the details and materials and calculate the cost, you can also provide a personal project, we will calculate how much it will cost to manufacture with us. If you do not yet have a chassis on which you are going to install the body, you can also choose it on our website.

We offer you ready-made projects or we can create and calculate a project for your chassis. In most cases, the shop is made with one door in the back and an opening side panel with double-glazed windows. As a visor, a side panel sash with a folding mechanism is used (it can be equipped with hinges for a lock or a built-in lock). The inner lining can be made of aluminum, fiberboard or plastic. In the manufacture of the outer panel, in most cases, hard plastic is used, the parts go through several stages of chemical and physical processing before installation. Everything is painted in the selected color before installation. To protect the corners of the structure, there are corner-linings, they are made of aluminum or hard plastic.

Polycar company provides an opportunity to buy a mobile shop in Ukraine, made on the basis of your chassis. We provide a number of ready-made projects or we calculate the design of a body for trade, taking into account your requirements. At the moment, we have completed mobile stalls based on Gazel, Hyundai, Tata, GAZ, Iveco and Isuzu cars. One of the most budget options for a store on wheels is a version based on a Gazel.


Sheathing sandwich panels, aluminum composite or steel sheets
Subframe steel or aluminum
Design depending on the area of activity
Systems lighting, water supply, ventilation, heating, etc.
Flooring bakelite plywood, aluminum sheets or self-leveling floor
Entrances in the side and rear parts
Window for trade folding or roll-up
Additional outdoor lighting, retractable stairs at the entrance, compartment for personnel, etc.