Maximum working height from 12 to 45 meters.

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Maximum load capacity up to 450kg.

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Автовышка Paksan KTF 325 на Renault Trucks.
Автовышка Paksan высотой 32 метра.
Автовышка высотой 32 метра.
Автовышка поликар на базе различных марок шасси.
Автовышка Paksan на базе МАЗ, установленная под заказ в Polycar.
Автовышка Paksan высотой 24 метра на Hyundai.
Автовышка 28 метров (Paksan KT285) на базе МАЗ.

Controlled by levers from the ground, work platform or optional cab with controls.

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Safety systems, overload alarms, warning lights, etc.

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The range of aerial platforms provided by our company contains a large number of equipment for solving various problems in many fields of activity. The company has ready-made solutions, and is also engaged in custom-made design.

You can order aerial platforms from 12 to 45 meters high. Models of platforms for high-altitude work comply with all European quality and safety standards. All movable elements and assemblies are made of high-strength steel, which guarantees a long service life. We offer a choice of several options for the execution of auto-hydraulic aerial platforms, depending on the tasks and working conditions: jointed, telescopic or combined. Also, a jib is additionally ordered on many models, which can significantly improve functionality, increase the lifting height, and also increase the convenience of work.

In order to decide what kind of aerial platform to buy, you need a clear understanding of what tasks it faces and in what conditions the work will be carried out. When the task is clear, it will be possible to form general characteristics that must be taken into account. One of the first questions that arises is height. The most common sizes that are searched in Ukraine are: 18, 22, 25, 28, 32, 35, 45 and 50 meters. The vehicle on which it is possible to install an hydraulic aerial platform (HAP) largely depends on the choice of height.

We also provide a wide range of additional equipment to improve the efficiency and various rates of the operation of the aerial platform, among them: remote controls, various options for the platforms and additional equipment in it, cabin options, LCD displays showing various measures of the operation of the hydraulic aerial platform, etc.

At the moment, Polycar has installed aerial platforms based on GAZ, MAZ, Isuzu, Mercedes, KAMAZ, TATA, Hyundai, Renault and other vehicles. One of the most budgetary options is installation on Gazel. You can find out the cost of installing a HAP on a chassis and what the current price of an aerial platform in Ukraine is from our managers, by calling the numbers listed in the Contacts section.


Working height 12 – 45 meters
Column rotation angle ±180°
Control options from the ground, from a platform, a cab with levers
Design options jointed, telescopic, combined
Load capacity 200 – 450 kg
Platform material aluminum or metal
Systems security, warning, extra lighting
Platform balancing automatically, closed system

Video files

Автовышка 28 метров Paksan.
29 September 2021
Контракт на поставку автовышки клиенту успешно выполнен!

Автовышка Paksan KT285 (высота 28 метров), установленная в Polycar под заказ на МАЗ.

Автовышка высотой 24 метра Paksan KT 245 на Isuzu.
23 November 2020
Автовышка Paksan KT 245 на Isuzu NPR 75.

Автовышка с рабочей высотой 24 метра Paksan KT 245, установленная под заказ на Isuzu NPR 75.

Автовышка Paksan KTF325 на Renault Trucks K430.
28 September 2020
Выше головы прыгнешь – автовышка Paksan KTF 325 на Renault K430.

Установка автовышки Paksan KTF 325 с рабочей высотой 32 метра на грузовой автомобиль Renault Trucks K430 6х6.

Автовышка Paksan KT 245 на Hyundai EX8.
23 April 2020
Компактность с внушительными характеристиками – Paksan KT 245 на Hyundai EX8.

Установка автовышки Paksan КТ 245 на автомобиль Hyundai EX8 под заказ для коммунального предприятия.

Автовышка 18 метров на Mercedes Sprinter.
11 March 2020
Автовышка Paksan высотой 18 метров на базе Mercedes Sprinter.

Установка автовышки Paksan KЕT 183.20 с рабочей высотой 18 метров на Mercedes Benz Sprinter 516 CDI 4x2.

Автовышка 32 метра на МАЗ 6317.
22 January 2020
Еще одна вышка Paksan KT 325.25 установлена на МАЗ 6317.

Установка еще одного автогидроподъемника Paksan KT 325.25 на МАЗ 6317F5.

Автовышка высотой 32 метра Paksan KT 325.25.
20 December 2019
Все выше и выше: автовышка Paksan KT 325.25 на базе МАЗ 6317F5.

Установка автовышки Paksan 325.25 высотой 32 метра на грузовой автомобиль МАЗ 6317F5.

Автовышка Paksan КТ265.25 на автомобиле МАЗ 5316F5.
29 November 2019
Автовышка Paksan КТ265.25 на автомобиле МАЗ 5316F5.

Установка вышки Paksan КТ265.25 с рабочей высотой 26 метров на грузовой автомобиль МАЗ 5316F5.

Автовышка Паксан КТ 285.25 на базе МАЗ.
16 October 2019
Современный автоподъемник Paksan KT 285.25 на базе шасси МАЗ-4371N2.

Установка автогидроподъемника Paksan KT 285.25 с рабочей высотой 28 метров на грузовой автомобиль МАЗ 4371N2.

Автовышка Paksan KT 285.25, становленная Polycar на МАЗ 4371N2.
29 January 2019
Автоподъемник Paksan KT 285.25, установленный на МАЗ 4371N2.

Производство специального аварийно-спасательного автомобиля - автоподъемника с телескопической вышкой Paksan KT 285.25 на шасси МАЗ 4371N2.