Loading from the sides of the car.

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Total load capacity up to 2500 kg.

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Эвакуатор с боковой загрузкой производства Polycar.
Iveco эваакуатор с бокой загрузкой Polycar.
Эвакуатор с боковой загрузкой на базе Iveco Eurocargo.

Control: levers on the platform and joysticks in the cab.

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HD cameras, sensors: stabilization, proximity, shaft protection, horizontal movement.

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Side loading tow platform is a special vehicle, the main purpose of which is the loading / unloading and transportation of cars using a retractable mechanism. This device is a forklift with a telescopic forklift mechanism. This version of tow trucks began to spread very quickly in Ukraine due to the convenience and speed of loading vehicles.

The design consists of two lifting towers and 4 lifting levers. The lifting mechanism can be extended to any side, which facilitates the evacuation of the car in conditions where there is limited space for evacuation. All devices are controlled with levers located at the rear of the platform, as well as with a panel with joysticks in the driver’s cab. For ease of control from the cab, 4 HD cameras are provided, which display the image on a 9-inch monitor. For work at night, LED lighting is provided. To ensure the safety of loading operations, shaft protection sensors, a stabilizer safety sensor, a vehicle proximity sensor and a horizontal movement sensor are provided.

The loading mechanism is equipped with a practical and reliable attachment system to the truck chassis. Our managers will advise you on the selection of the optimal vehicle, prices and delivery times. We also offer other options for the execution of tow platforms: with retractable drop ramps, with a crane and a sliding platform.


Design two lifting towers and 4 lifting levers
Load capacity (kg) 2500
Lighting LED
Video 4 HD cameras with output to 9-inch monitor in the driver’s cab and recording function
Control levers on the platform, joysticks in the cab
Voltage (V) 24
Additional towing hook for the second vehicle
Safety sensors shaft protection, stabilizer safety, proximity vehicle, horizontal movement
Эвакуатор с боковой загрузкой на базе Iveco Eurocargo.
24 December 2021
Партия эвакуаторов с боковой загрузкой – теперь мы можем все!

Производство партии эвакуаторов с боковой загрузкой на базе Iveco Eurocargo.