Hopper capacity up to 40 cu. m., pressing ratio up to 6:1.

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Clamps in the rear or side parts of the body for euro containers up to 1.1 cu. m.

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Мусоровозы или мусорные машины производства Polycar.
Мусоровоз МАЗ.
Мусоровоз с боковой загрузкой на базе МАЗ.

Control by means of levers or a push-button panel.

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Compression by means of a press plate in the middle part of the body.

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A garbage truck is a truck designed for collecting, transporting, pressing and unloading garbage from the territory of settlements to places of disposal or processing (landfills or waste processing plants). The body of such vehicles has a large internal volume (up to 50 cubic meters).

There are several basic options for the execution of such vehicles: unloading garbage from a bin into a container or loading garbage bins onto a platform. Unloading of garbage from the tank can be organized in several ways: manual or mechanical. The unloading of the tank into the container can be in the rear or side parts of the bodies. When loading containers with garbage on the platform, it is necessary to use lifting equipment. Capture is intended for garbage euro containers up to 1.1 cubic meters.

We provide an opportunity to order various variants of garbage trucks (side or rear loading, container trucks, etc.) based on various chassis options. The most common options offered by our company are based on MAZ and GAZ, we can also produce this type of special equipment based on Scania, Ford, Mercedes, Iveco, etc. You can ask the company’s managers about ready-made solutions, vehicles in stock, custom-made production and the cost of garbage trucks.


Hopper capacity up to 50 cubic meters.
Pressing ratio up to 6:1
Compression mechanism a press plate with hydraulic equipment
Grab in the side or rear parts, designed for euro containers with a volume of 1.1 cubic meters
Video surveillance camera in the rear part
Universal lifter adjustment from 240-1100 liters
Control with levers or push-button panel
Signal equipment and additional lighting a lamp in the rear, a light panel on the driver’s cab