Cleaning of sewer pipes from blockages of varying degrees and sediments.

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Several body options based on various types of truck chassis.

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Каналопромывочные машины купить в Украине.

Cleaning of sewer pipes with a diameter of 100 to 1000 mm.

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Control of all mechanisms using a panel in the driver's cab or a remote control.

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A sewer flusher is a vehicle designed for cleaning sewer pipes from various blockages and sediments. This type of vehicle consists of several main components: a tank, an equipment compartment, a pump, a hydraulic system, a hose, a hose reel and a number of additional equipment.

Our company offers several variants of sewer flushers with different operational rates and characteristics. The body of such vehicles is divided into two parts, the front part is a tank, equipment and utilities are located in the rear compartment. In our company you can order the production of this body equipment based on various brands of chassis.


Compartments a tank and a technological compartment
Pump capacity up to 13 cu. meters/hour
Hose length up to 100 meters
Diameter of pipes to be cleaned up to 1000 mm
Max water pressure on the head 16 MPa
Temperature range from -20 to +40˚C
Tank capacity up to 11 cu. meters
Additionally heating system, additional lighting, stairs and ladders for maintenance, etc.