Production on the basis of various vehicles.

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Design and equipment on request.

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Reliable, durable materials and components.

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Implementation of non-standard solutions.

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A hearse is a special vehicle designed to provide funeral services. We offer several options for the execution of this vehicle, depending on the wishes of the customer.

Here you can buy a hearse made on the basis of an all-metal body or on the basis of a small class commercial vehicle. Design options, materials and components are discussed with each customer individually. Implementation of non-standard solutions is possible. Depending on the terms of reference, a vehicle that will fully meet all the requirements and characteristics is selected


Seats comfortable chairs with seat belts
Number of seats up to 6
Mounting for wreaths a special frame
Systems heating, lighting, air-conditioning, ventilation
Interior sheathing composite aluminum + special fabric sheathing
Podium retractable with stopper
Footboard with automatic extension
Additionally grab-handlers at the entrance, remote stands