Towing vehicles weighing up to 15 tons using a partial load method and up to 21 tons on a rigid hitch.

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Seats, a folding table, tables and niches for an emergency team.

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КЭТЛ производство в Украине.
КЭТЛ производства Polycar.

A compartment with a work surface, workbenches, machines, cutters, a drilling machine, etc.

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At the request of the customer, it is possible to install an articulated crane and a winch.

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A wrecker is a light wheeled recovery truck. This type of equipment is designed for evacuation, towing and field maintenance of vehicles of various types: faulty wheeled or tracked self-propelled vehicles, artillery and missile systems, as well as for moving aircrafts and helicopters at airports.

When developing projects for wreckers, it is necessary to take into account the tasks they will face, road conditions and climatic indicators, because the choice of chassis and the complete set of the truck body depend on this. In most cases, this body equipment is installed on large-capacity vehicles (mainly MAZ, KAMAZ, KRAZ, Ural, etc.) with high ground clearance and wheel arrangement 4×4, 6×4, 6×6, 8×4, etc.

This type of equipment can be equipped not only for tasks related to evacuation / towing, but also for the repair of faulty vehicles in the field. In the second case, the body is produced taking into account the place for the technical team and repair equipment. Also, when creating a project, our company takes into account climatic conditions (if necessary, they provide air conditioning and autonomous heating systems).

To carry out evacuation work, special equipment is installed in the rear of the body for towing various types of vehicles by partially loading them, as well as a winch that can withstand high loads of up to 12 tons with a cable length of about 60 meters (weight and length may vary). For the emergency team, seats and a folding table are provided in the body.

Optionally, a crane-manipulator unit (CMU) of various lengths and carrying capacities can be installed behind the driver’s cab. For the stability of the vehicle when working with CMU, retractable support mechanisms are placed in the front.


Towing of vehicles by loading up to 15 tons
Towing of vehicles on a rigid hitch up to 21 tons
Passenger compartment seats, a table, cabinets
Technological compartment a work surface, workbenches, machine tools, cutters, a drilling machine, etc.
Compartments passenger and technological
Electricity work from networks or a generator
Technological niches for the generator, cylinders, equipment
Additional an articulated crane, a jib crane, a winch, retractable outriggers