Maintenance and cleaning of roads in summer and winter.

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Solutions to a wide range of tasks due to a variety of bodies and attachments.

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Комбинированная машина для уборки дорог производства Polycar.

Watering lawns and plants in green areas.

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Creation of a project and machine design individually for each client or a choice of ready-made solutions.

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Multipurpose road maintenance vehicles are vehicles designed to service roads, highways and adjacent territories in winter and summer. In winter, this transport is responsible for cleaning the road surface from dirt, ice, and pressed snow using a plow and brushes. In the summer, such vehicles are responsible for washing and cleaning the roadway from dirt, as well as watering lawns and plants in green areas.

The design, chassis and equipment depends on the field of activity and the main tasks. In most cases, there are installed a body and attachment equipment: a tank, a mechanism for spreading chemicals, a pump, a plow, brushes, watering equipment, electrical equipment, etc. To increase the range of services provided, the body of this car is dumped, taking into account that a tank or plastic tanks are installed in it.


Dump body capacity up to 20 cu. m
Capacity of plastic tanks up to 10 cubic meters
The volume of the deicing distributor body up to 9 cubic meters
Width of sprinkling up to 10 meters
Width of washing up to 20 meters
Sprinkling density up to 40 g/sq. m.
Control panel in the driver’s cab
Attachment equipment a plow, brushes, watering equipment, a spreader, etc.