The number of compartments is up to five, each has a separate loading hatch.

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The possible total capacity of the bunker is from 8 to 24.75 cu m.

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Compressor for creating pressure when unloading mixtures and a guide auger.

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Possible capacity for unloading from 12 to 16 t/h.

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A feed trailer or a mixed feed trailer is a special vehicle designed for the transportation of feed or feed in bulk, that is, the transportation of running seeds and plants in the agricultural industry without special packaging, in bulk.

The vehicle that we offer has a compressor unit and an auger. The compressor is designed to unload bulk products by creating pressure inside the tank, and the auger helps to direct this unloading in the right direction. If necessary, you can create several sections inside the tank, which allows you to transport more varieties of feed without mixing them during transportation, which is very convenient and economical. Grain is loaded from above, sometimes transport must have appropriate dimensions, which is taken into account when creating a structure.


Number of compartments up to 5
Compressor model to choose from
Discharge capacity from 12 to 16 t/h
Discharge pipe rotation 360˚
Volume from 8 to 24.75 cu m.
Unloading mechanism an auger conveyor
Unloading height from 1900 to 7300 mm
Additional a rear ladder, handrails, lighting equipment, unloading auger overflow sensor