Variable internal volume due to the folding design.

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Several compartments: for cooking, for eating and technological for transporting components.

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Кухня-трансформер с изменяемым внутренним объемом.
Мобильная кухня-трансформер производства Polycar.
Военная кухня с изменяемым размером на базе прицепа.
Военная кухня трансформер с изхменяемым объемом производство в Украине.

Equipment for cooking and storing food is selected at the request of the customer.

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The number of places for eating depends on the characteristics of the trailer and design.

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Mobile transforming kitchen is a mobile vehicle with a variable internal volume, designed for cooking and eating by personnel in the field or in places where there is no stationary point for cooking and eating. The main difference between this vehicle and standard mobile kitchen-dining rooms is the possibility of increasing the internal space due to the variable design.

  • compartment for cooking (stationary middle part);
  • compartments for eating (side, transformable);
  • technological niche for additional equipment and components.

The production takes into account the presence of such systems as ventilation, lighting, air conditioning, heating, diesel fuel supply, sockets and a pumping station that provides water pressure.

Attachments for additional equipment and cutlery are provided, they rigidly fix them in the transport position. All electrical wiring and pipelines for supplying and draining water are carried out in the body. When laying, it is taken into account that they will be fixed and not in contact with sharp corners and moving mechanisms.


Transformation time up to 50 minutes
Sheathing sandwich panels
Outer sheathing steel or plastic
Inner sheathing steel or plastic
Electrics sheathed, mains connection or an autonomous generator
Flooring material sheets of corrugated aluminum, steel, bakelite plywood or self-leveling floor to choose from
Frame metal structure, with the possibility of increasing internal volume
Technological compartment in the rear with niches and clamps for equipment in transport position
Dimensions (transport position) 6058x2438x2591 mm (depending on the trailer)
Chimneys 2 pcs, removable
Entrance doors 2 pcs, removable
Thermal insulation expanded polystyrene
Side walls transformable, act as a ceiling
Systems heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water supply, water outflow, electricity
Compartments stationary for cooking, 2 transformable for eating and a niche in the rear
Equipment inside the system for cooking and storing food, cabinets and drawers for cutlery and kitchen equipment, hood fans, etc.