Boxes, hanging bags and various types of holders (a GPS, mobile devices, weapons, etc.).

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Additional lighting and radio communication systems.

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Переоборудование квадроциклов в Украине.
Переоборудование квадроциклов в Украине.
Специализированный мотоцикл, переоборудование в Украине.
Военный квадроцикл переоборудование в Украине.

Reinforcement of the body and installation of safety rails.

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Protection for hands, trunks, installation of a winch, special trailers, etc.

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Polycar performs specialized ATV conversions for off-road tasks in a variety of fields of activity. You can order the re-equipment of this type of transport for the military, forestry or various areas of agriculture, etc.

Depending on the field of activity, ATVs can be equipped with various types of attachments and additional components. You can find a list of configuration options on the detailed description tab. You can also order components that are not included in this list, such options are discussed with each client individually.

The main options for additional equipment:

  • various types of tool boxes and hanging bags;
  • safety rails and reinforced body parts;
  • radio communication systems;
  • additional lighting;
  • installation of a winch;
  • various types of holders (for a GPS, mobile phone, weapons, etc.);
  • trunks;
  • protection for hands.

This is a list of standard options that are most often ordered, you can check all options with the managers of our company.


Protection safety rails, headlight/hand protectors, protective wheelarch liners
Communications systems a radio set, mobile devices, a GPS
Lighting a LED panel, fog lights, lights with a swivel mechanism
Winch in the front or rear parts
Holders for weapons, mob. devices, a GPS
Increasing of usable space a trunk, special trailers, tool boxes, hanging bags