Light, sound signals (flashing lights, sirens, light panels) and pasting.

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The choice of chassis and options for re-equipment depend on the number of passenger seats and the scope of use.

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Машина для перевозки личного состава Полиции на базе Ford.
Ford для перевозки личного состава полиции и армии.
Авто для перевозки личного состава.
Машины для перевозки личного состава производства Polycar.

Tool boxes, cabinets, various types of holders and shelves. etc.

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Air conditioning, ventilation, heating, communication with the driver, etc.

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Vehicles for the transport of personnel are converted minibuses, cars or trucks, which provide seats for military personnel.

There are several versions for the production of this type of special vehicles:

  • based on a car;
  • on the basis of a minibus;
  • in the back of a truck.

The passenger compartment of vehicles for the transportation of personnel must be equipped with the required number of seats, a communication system with the driver’s cab, and if necessary, tool boxes, as well as light and sound signals (a siren and flashers). In the production of such vehicles, it must be taken into account that there should be no parts and objects with sharp edges in the passenger compartment, or they should be hidden in special technological niches or boxes.

If this type of transport is made on the basis of a truck chassis, then it must have an awning or a more rigid cover that will protect passengers inside from the effects of various weather conditions.


Seats from 6 to 30
Versions based on a car, a minibus or a truck
Internal equipment tool boxes, cabinets, clamps, shelves, etc.
Seats comfortable with belts or benches (depending on the project)
Video surveillance for up to 7 cameras, display in the cabin
Outdoor protection grids on the windows, structural reinforcement
Systems air conditioning, ventilation, heating, communication with the driver, etc.
External complete set light, sound signals (flashers, sirens, light panels) and pasting.