Passenger compartment: seats, workplace, pull-out table, wardrobes, etc.

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Technological compartment: workbenches, work surfaces, machines, cutters, drilling machines, etc.

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Мобильная мастерская на базе МАЗ производства Polycar.

Technological niches and boxes for the generator, cylinders, tools, pipes, stairs, etc.

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Additionally, a jib crane, lighting equipment, window bars and others are installed.

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A mobile workshop is a vehicle designed to deliver technical teams and carrying out repair work of wheeled and tracked vehicles in the field. The body of mobile workshops is made on the basis of various types of cargo chassis and includes two compartments: passenger and technological.

The passenger compartment includes up to six seats (depending on the chassis and project) with seat belts and head restraints, a retractable table and a radio communication system with the driver in the cab, etc.

The technological compartment is completed depending on the initial project and customer’s requirements. Workbenches, work surfaces, technological portable boxes, machines, cutters, drilling machines, a jib crane and other equipment can be installed in this compartment.

Also, the body of such vehicles includes several small technological compartments for various needs (a generator, gas cylinders, tools, etc.), depending on the desire of the customer, these compartments can be accessed from inside and outside of the van. Soundproofing is laid between the inner and outer sheathing of the van. The van is equipped with air conditioning, ventilation and independent heating systems.

The list of additional equipment that Polycar mobile workshops are equipped with is discussed with each client individually.


Sheathing aluminum-composite panels, galvanized metal sheets or sandwich panels
Subframe a welded structure made of steel or aluminum profiles
Compartments passenger, technological, a bathroom, a kitchen
Passenger compartment seats, workplace, an extendable table, wardrobes, etc.
Systems heating, air-conditioning, ventilation systems, communication with the driver, external and internal lighting, an SLS
Entrances a door in the front part for the passenger compartment, double-leaf doors in the rear part
Technological niches for cylinders, a generator, a ladder, pipes, an additional jib crane
Fittings made in Europe from galvanized steel
Technological compartment workbenches, work surfaces, machines, cutters, drilling machines, etc.
Additionally a retractable ladder, windows, side bumpers, door locks, position and marker lights, protective wheelarch liners