Convertible body with variable volume for transport and working positions.

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Long-range communication systems for remote control of operations.

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Мобильные командные пункты, с изменяемым объемом.

Technological niches in the rear part of the body for transporting additional equipment and components.

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Fully autonomous operation of the command post.

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A mobile command post is a special vehicle for command staff, equipped to control operations or combat actions. A prerequisite in these vehicles is the presence of a long-range communication system to control the operation over long distances.

For more convenient transportation and practical use of useful space, the body is made with the possibility of transformation – changing the volume. There are several options for the design of such transformers, in most cases the side parts of the body are moved apart, forming several additional compartments. For additional equipment, technological niches are provided in the rear of the body.


Body design convertible, variable volume
Sheathing steel sheets
Inner sheathing several options to choose from
Systems lighting, heating, air conditioning, electrical, ventilation, internet, etc.
Communication system long-range
Technological niche in the rear or on the roof
Complete set custom-made
Electricity connection to stationary power networks or a generator set