Overall dimensions and design of the stage depend on the characteristics of the trailer.

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Moving mechanisms are driven by hydraulic equipment.

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Концернтый комплекс на базе прицепа.
Мобильная сцена трансформер производства Polycar.

Light and sound equipment is selected taking into account interaction with the environment and the wishes of the customer.

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Moving mechanisms control with a panel with buttons (in the side part) or a remote control.

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A mobile stage transformer is a transforming concert complex, made on the basis of a trailer. It has a standard stage design that converts to a smaller size for transport position. This vehicle is designed for concert events in places where there are no stationary concert venues.

The mobile concert complex consists of three main components:

  • a truck with a body equipped for storage and transportation of equipment;
  • a trailer with a transforming stage;
  • concert, lighting and multimedia equipment.

Design and components of a mobile stage-transformer.

The design of the trailer mobile stage has stationary and movable mechanisms. During the transformation, one of the walls is unfolded using hydraulic equipment, it transforms into an awning, behind it there is another folding mechanism, which serves as a floor in the open position (supports are installed under it and it is covered with an apron). Trusses for installing lighting equipment in the ceiling are stationary, side trusses are installed separately. The entrance to the stage for the artists is provided at the rear of the trailer, where the hydraulic equipment control levers are also located.

The design provides outlets for electrical sockets for connecting equipment. While producing the order, it was taken into account that this complex can be connected to a stationary power network or work from an autonomous diesel generator. Wiring of switching cables is laid inside in special flexible tubes that reliably protect them from mechanical damage.

All sound, light and multimedia equipment is purchased individually on request. When forming an application for the purchase of equipment, it is important to take into account that it must work in various temperature and weather conditions, and its total power must not exceed the total power of an autonomous diesel generator. To rigidly fix additional components for the transport position, fasteners are provided inside the mobile stage. Concert equipment is transported in a truck, which has racks with fasteners and cabinets for transporting stage costumes of performers.


Sheathing steel sheets
Moving mechanism hydraulic equipment or a winch
Control operated by a panel with levers or a remote control
Electrics routed in the body, socket outlets on request, mains or diesel generator operation possible
Dimensions depending on the trailer
Lighting and sound equipment on request, taking into account work in various weather conditions
Entrance to the stage two folding portable ladders
Truss stationary for lighting and portable for sound equipment