Interior sheathing with sandwich panels, exterior sheathing with plastic, metal or galvanized sheets.

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Flooring with bakelite plywood, aluminum or steel sheets.

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Мороженицы поликар производство и продажа в Украине.

Welded monolithic subframe construction made of steel or aluminum profiles.

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The brand and characteristics of refrigeration equipment depend on the scope and budgets of the company.

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Ice cream trucks are used to transport frozen and perishable products. The body is made of sandwich panels, which have low thermal conductivity, due to which the desired temperature is constantly maintained in the body. Production according to your project and taking into account your materials are possible. There are several brands of refrigeration equipment, all of them have been engaged in this specialization in the Ukrainian market for a long time. Due to this you can choose what kind of functionality is needed and how much you have to count on.


Interior sheathing sandwich panels or material of your choice
Flooring bakelite plywood, aluminum or steel sheets
Refrigeration equipment brand and specifications of your choice
Entrance at the rear, side of the van or both at the same time
External sheathing plastic, metal or galvanized sheets
Subframe construction of steel or aluminum profiles
Corner of the frame aluminum corners
Additionally lighting system, load securing tape, door locks, retractable ladder, etc.