Light (flashing lights), sound (siren) equipment and marking with identification marks.

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Remote stretchers with latches and mechanisms for attaching the necessary equipment.

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Complete set of medical equipment, boxes and cabinets, depending on the needs.

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Seats for medical personnel, air conditioning, ventilation, heating systems and communication with the driver.

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Ambulances and medical vehicles are vehicles designed to transport people who need emergency medical care to the hospital, as well as to transport doctors and paramedics to places where their assistance is required. These cars have the advantage of moving when it is heading for a call, so they are equipped with visual and audible signals.

In most cases, such vehicles are made on the basis of minibuses or trucks, this is due to the fact that their design includes a large amount of equipment necessary for providing medical care, as well as the availability of places for staff and transportation of patients.

Ambulances are conventionally divided into three main types:

  • to transport people who need medical care;
  • to provide emergency medical care;
  • mobile intensive care unit.

Our company provides an opportunity to buy an ambulance of any type and with a complete set for your needs in Ukraine. We have a large number of ready-made solutions based on various chassis brands. For more information on the production of ambulances, please contact the company’s managers.

Depending on the type, vehicles have different equipment and internal design. This type of special vehicles with a Polycar body complies with all norms and standards of Ukrainian legislation. For standard equipment options, see the detailed description tab.

The standard design of ambulances includes:

  • blue light flashers;
  • sound signal (siren);
  • attachment mechanisms for stretchers;
  • mechanism for loading / unloading stretchers;
  • mounts for medical equipment;
  • folding seats;
  • a communication system with the driver (two-way);
  • identification stickers on the outer part of the body (on all sides);
  • boxes and cabinets for medical equipment;
  • a lighting system (LED-ceiling lamps);
  • a heating system;
  • an air conditioning system;
  • rubber flooring, resistant to sanitization;
  • handrails in the cabin;
  • side and rear doors for personnel entry and stretcher transportation.

In most cases, the installation of the following medical equipment is ordered:

  • a defibrillator;
  • a resuscitation fan;
  • a medical aspirator;
  • a stretcher;
  • a gurney;
  • a vacuum mattress;
  • a set of neck collars;
  • a hanging tripod for droppers.

These are just the main components that complete this type of special vehicles in most cases; at the request of the customer, it can be changed.

You can buy an ambulance based on various chassis here and our company also offers non-standard solutions for various medical departments, including: mobile X-ray rooms, mobile dental rooms, Torsus-based evacuation medical buses, mobile surgical complexes, etc. If you did not find the option you need in this list, you can order production to order, for more information you can check with the company’s managers by calling the numbers listed in the contacts section.


External equipment flashing lights, a siren, pasting of the body
Stretcher car stretcher, with clamps
Places for medical staff folding, comfortable
Floor covering rubber, anti-slip or a self-leveling floor
Handrails on the ceiling with clamps
Transportation of medical equipment cabinets and tables with drawers
Complete set individually to order
Systems an intercom, a loading device for stretchers, air conditioning, heating, ventilation, LED lighting

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Купить автомобиль скорой помощи
23 May 2022
Клиентам доступно новое решение для оказания услуг скорой медицинской помощи

Автомобиль скорой помощи на базе Fiat Doblo, выполненный под заказ в Polycar.

Санитарный автомобиль Fiat Doblo.
21 September 2021
Налажено производство санитарных автомобилей на базе новых моделей.

Расширение спектра санитарных автомобилей производства Polycar, новые модели на базе Fiat Doblo и Fiat Ducato.

Санитарный автомобиль Renault Master.
17 August 2021
Новый уровень качества в производстве санитарных автомобилей.

Санитарные автомобили на базе Renault Master и Trafic производства Polycar.

Автомобили скорой помощи Volkswagen Crafter.
7 July 2021
Автомобили скорой медицинской помощи на базе Volkswagen Crafter.

Партия автомобилей скорой медицинской помощи типа С и типа B на базе Volkswagen Crafter.

Автомобиль скорой помощи.
21 November 2019
Впервые в Украине – автомобиль скорой помощи на базе MAN TGE.

Производство автомобиля скорой медицинской помощи под заказ на базе MAN TGE.

Автомобиль скорой помощи на базе Ford Transit.
29 January 2020
Автомобиль скорой помощи на базе Ford Transit.

Еще один автомобиль скорой помощи был выполнен в Polycar под заказ, в данном случае проект выполнен на базе Ford Transit.