Several compartments with slide bars for cages and separate entrances.

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Cages with a locking mechanism, protected handles are used as fixators inside the vehicle.

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Прицеп для перевозки собак производства Polycar.
Машина кинологической службы полиции.
Автомобиль для перевозки собак и животных.

Technological niches and boxes for transporting additional equipment.

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Removable fencing allows you to use the van as a stationary aviary.

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A trailer for dogs is a van, made on the basis of a trailer and designed to transport a group of several dogs. The design is a van with several compartments, each of them has slide bars for cages, which allows them to be placed in several rows. Our company offers the production of this type of transport based on a trailer or a car.

Since this trailer is designed to transport dogs, several main factors are taken into account in the production:

  • a ventilation system;
  • a cell size;
  • absence of corners or sharp details in the cages and the design of the van;
  • protected cage transfer handles.

This dog vehicle has several identical compartments; each compartment has a separate door with locking mechanisms. This option allows you to place the maximum number of cages and provide convenient access for loading / unloading. Additionally, you can order the installation of a guide shaft in the floor and wheels on the cages.

Additionally, you can order a removable fence with an awning, which allows you to use this trailer as an aviary for dogs. To transport the components of the fence and the awning, one of the compartments is used or a technological box is installed on the roof of the van (depending on the wishes of the customer). The aviary is divided into several compartments, each of them has a separate entrance. The design of the aviary is easily removable, the fixation of the structure is carried out due to grooves and bolted connections. In the manufacture of fencing, the absence of sharp corners is also taken into account.


Compartments for cages from 3 to 8 (depending on the chassis)
Number of cages up to 26
Additional compartments 1 in the body and a case on the roof
Cages metal, with hand protection
Aviary a removable fence with an awning
Doors single-leaf doors with seal