Sprinkling of the road surface with salt and sand or other chemicals.

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Covering the roadway up to 10 meters wide.

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Купить солеразбрасыватель в Украине.

A hopper up to 9 cubic meters made of steel with special treatment or stainless steel.

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Convenient control system using the remote control in the cab and displaying the main measures on the display.

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A salt spreader is a vehicle designed to remove ice from a road surface by spreading a mixture of salt and sand or other chemicals. The body of the salt spreader consists of several main components: a hopper for substances, a feeding mechanism and a device that spreads the material onto the road surface.

We offer vehicles with a hopper up to 9 cu. m. It is made of steel which undergoes special processing or stainless steel. A device that spreads the substance allows you to cover the roadway up to 10 meters wide. The average sprinkling density is 10-40 g/sq. m. Control of all mechanisms is carried out using the control panel, which is displayed in the driver’s cab. There is also a display that shows the main measures.


Hopper capacity up to 9 cu. m.
Sprinkling width up to 10 meters
Sprinkling density up to 40 g/sq. m.
Hopper material stainless steel or steel after special processing
Control a panel in the driver’s cab
Display with measures in the driver’s cab
Protection from precipitation an awning
Additionally ladders and drop ramps for servicing the hopper, flashing lights, additional lighting