A diesel engine CURSOR 13, 420 cube cm

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Wheel formula 6x6

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A mechanical 16-speed gearbox

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Active Time with a sleeper cab

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A heavy truck to work in any climate on any road surface – from highway to extreme off-road. Able to work even in the most inaccessible and impassable areas, where extraordinary performance is required.

TRAKKER is powered by Cursor engines, guaranteeing maximum power and durability. The tougher the conditions, the tougher the situation, the more important to be able to rely on a high-performance, dynamic and reliable vehicle. We offer different models and brands for any of your tasks and different budgets. You can get detailed information about models and characteristics from the managers of the company.


Wheel formula 6х6
Wheelbase, mm 3820
Engine diesel CURSOR 13, 420 hp, volume 12880 cm3
Gearbox mechanical, 16 speeds
Total weight, kg 38 000
Towing hitch 3.5 inches, JOST
Battery 2 pcs. 170 a/h
Tank steel, 530 l.
Cab Active Time sleeper
Wheels 14.00R20 (10 pcs + 1 spare)