Unloading on three sides, controlled by remote control.

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Several options for the execution of locking mechanisms for the customer's choice.

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Зерновоз с трехсторонней разгрузкой.
Зерновоз МАН с краном-манипулятором производства Polycar.
Зерновоз Hyundai EX8 с самосвальным кузовом Polycar.
Зерновоз МАЗ купить в Украине.
Зерновозы поликар производство и продажа в Украине.

Ladder in the rear for maintenance of the body part.

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Several options for the design of the awning.

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Grain dump is a vehicle designed to transport grain and a number of other bulk mixtures without containers (in bulk). The body of the grain dump is equipped with a mechanism that allows unloading on three sides, respectively, the sides and rear sides are folding. This type of transport is widely used in agricultural activities.

Bodies of grain dumps are made of metal sheets with a thickness of 1.5 – 4 mm, after assembly they are treated with priming, and then covered with paint in several layers, this is done to avoid corrosion, increase the life of the body and appearance. To protect goods during transportation, the upper part is closed with an awning.

The range of ready-made solutions of our company includes grain dump bodies based on the chassis: MAN, MAZ, KAMAZ and various brands of trailers. If you are going to buy a grain dump body, but have not yet decided on the chassis, our managers will help you decide on the choice of vehicle and manufacturing options, it is also possible to manufacture special options to order.


Moving part platform made of metal profiles with metal floor
Sides the front side is fixed on the platform, the rest are hinged
Unloading on three sides
Hydraulic cylinder European production, the model depends on the load capacity
Fixed part welded structure made of steel profiles with 4 support balls
Platform reinforcement construction to which the platform of the hydraulic cylinder is welded
Control remote control
Additional hydraulic pump, lighting equipment, awning, folding ladder, etc.
Зерновоз с трехсторонней разгрузкой на базе Hyundai EX8.
11 February 2022
В Polycar завершили проект по производству еще одного варианта зерновоза.

Зерновоз Hyundai производства Polycar с трехсторонней разгрузкой.

Зерновоз MAN TGX 33.430.
6 April 2020
Готовь сани летом, универсальный самосвал MAN с функцией зерновоза.

Производство кузова зерновоза с двухсторонней разгрузкой и установка крана-манипулятора на MAN TGX 33.430.

Зерновоз MAN, выполненный под заказ.
8 May 2019
Ман зерновоз, выполненный для украинского фермерского хозяйства.

Производство зерновоза, с самосвальной платформой на базе шасси MAN TGS 33.360 под заказ. Зерновоз гру