A mechanism that allows you to quickly remove and install the body on the chassis.

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A large number of folding shelves for cargo (up to 36 pcs.), installed in two levels.

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БДФ - съемный кузов.
Съемный кузов-контейнер БДФ.
Съемные кузова производства Polycar.
БДФ -съемный кузов производства Polycar.

Walls made of sandwich panels, the structure of the floor consists of three layers, which can withstand huge loads.

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Retractable outriggers(4 pcs) with the possibility of height adjustment. In the transport position, they hide in niches under the body.

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BDF is a removable container body with a system that allows you to quickly unload it at the loading / unloading facility, and then also quickly install it on various types of chassis. This type of body can significantly save time on cargo transportation. That is why this type of body equipment is very common among companies specializing in large volumes of transportation of various goods.

The design of the body of our production is an aluminum profile frame with walls made of sandwich panels, reinforced with vertical and horizontal embedded parts, the outer sheathing is reinforced with fiberglass.

The subframe is a welded structure of longitudinal pipes and transverse channels, with fasteners for fittings. On the sides there are retractable outriggers (4 pcs) with the possibility of height adjustment, which are hidden in niches under the body in the transport position. Entrance and loading / unloading are carried out through the rear part of the body, which is closed with a shutter with a lock and a mechanism that allows sealing. The floor is made of three layers, which allows you to load up to 600 kg on the shelves; bakelite plywood is used as the top layer of the floor covering.

Folding shelves (up to 36 pieces) are attached to the walls, the design provides that the shelves fold down in two levels, this option allows you to place a large number of goods, while distributing the load and not allowing the top layer to load the bottom one.


Frame structure made of aluminum profiles, reinforced with embedded parts
Walls sandwich panel structure
Entrance in the rear part, closed with roller shutters
Body fastening 4 container fasteners for fittings
Subframe structure with longitudinal pipes and transverse channels
Shelves folding up, to 36 pcs. in two levels
Flooring three-layer, the top layer is bakelite plywood
Outriggers 4 pcs, retractable with height adjustment
Съемный кузов БДФ.
16 December 2020
Съемный кузов (БДФ) производства Polycar.

Производство съемного кузова-контейнера (БДФ) с откидными полками для грузов под заказ для украинской почтовой службы.