The maximum volume of the tank is up to 18 cubic meters.

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The maximum number of compartments is up to 6, each compartment with a separate pipeline and a tank filler.

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Прицеп цистерна для перевозки пищевых или технических жидкостей.

Insulation of pipelines and a frame, heating of the compartment with drain valves.

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Additionally, a spare wheel, a tool box with tools, a pump, a comb, etc.

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The tank trailer is a barrel mounted on a single- or two-axle trailer and designed for transportation and temporary storage of drinking and technical liquids in the field. The design of the tank trailer is a single- or two-axle trailer with folding supports, on which a barrel is fixed with the help of brackets and reinforcing belts.

The volume and number of sections depends on the wishes of the customer, we provide options with a capacity of up to 18 cubic meters of liquid. Thermal insulation with a thickness of at least 50 mm is laid between the outer and inner sheathing. For models that are designed to transport drinking water, the inner part of the sheathing is made of food grade stainless steel. In models that are made for the transport of technical liquids, stainless steel is used.

In the upper part there is a tank filler with a diameter of 500 mm, depending on the number of sections, there may be several tank fillers. The tank filler is closed with a hatch with a valve to ensure ventilation inside. We also provide options for the tank filler sealing and closing with a lock. We also offer installation of a manual piston pump for forced water supply. A drain valve is installed in the lower part of the tank; it is also possible to install a distributing comb for supplying water to several containers at the same time. Trailer tanks are equipped with all the necessary electrical equipment for giving light signals during transportation. All equipment meets quality and safety standards.


Maximum volume up to 18 cu. m.
Number of sections up to 6
Tank shape round or elliptical
Tank fillers with a diameter of 500 mm with a breather valve and the possibility of sealing
Inner sheathing food grade stainless steel
Thermal insulation expanded polystyrene
Insulation pipelines and drain valves
Additional technicall boxes, liquid level sensors, a distribution comb, flow meters, a spare wheel , wheel chocks, a pump