A range of models with load capacities from 300 to 9000 kg.

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Several versions of tail lifts: cantilever, retractable, tucked and columned.

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Гидроборт Dhollandia купить в Украине.

Ease of installation and further operation.

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Ease of installation and further operation. Controlled by a remote control.

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Dhollandia tail lifts are rear or side mounted lifting mechanisms designed to lift heavy loads in and out of a vehicle body. The Dutch company Dhollandia is one of the leaders in the production and sale of this type of equipment. The range of the company includes models with a load capacity from 300 to 9000 kg.

The main advantage of trucks that are equipped with a tail lift is the ability to load and unload without a rack or forklift, which greatly simplifies these processes. In addition, the installation and dismantling of tail lifts is not difficult, as it is often done with the help of bolts or welding. Because of this, the tail lift can be easily moved from one vehicle or trailer to another.

The positive properties of the tail lift include the ease of maintenance – experts recommend changing the oil in the hydraulic system before the onset of winter, putting lubricants into bearings and hinges from time to time, checking the charging of batteries, and of course, you cannot do without washing all the elements of the tail lift.


Load capacity from 300 to 9000 kg
Platform material steel or aluminum
Execution options cantilever, retractable, retractable, columned
Control a remote control
Lifting mechanism a hydraulic cylinder
Rotary mechanism a hydraulic cylinder with a spring