A high cross-country ability and reliable Torsus Praetorian components allow the bus to be used in difficult weather and road conditions.

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There are 6 removable places for stretchers for transporting patients.

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Медицинский эвакуационный автобус Torsus Praetorian.
Эвакуационный медицинский автобус производства Polycar на базе Torsus Praetorian.
Torsus Praetorian эвакуационный автобус производства Polycar.
Torsus Praetorian продажа и переоборудование в Украине.

9 comfortable seats with seat belts for medical personnel.

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The time of lifting the patient on a stretcher into the body is up to 25 seconds.

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A Torsus-based medical evacuation bus is a specialized vehicle designed to transport patients in off-road conditions. Torsus Praetorian is used as a base for the production of an ambulance bus, due to its excellent cross-country ability and overall dimensions. The sanitary bus is divided into two main parts:

  • front with seats for medical personnel and technological boxes / niches;
  • rear with a hydraulic lift and removable places for stretchers.

In the front part there are 6 comfortable seats equipped with seat belts and technological boxes for transporting medicines and medical equipment. Also, there is a niche for transporting removable consoles in the front.

There is a hydraulic lift with multiple tilt and lift options at the rear. The lift is controlled by a remote control. In the rear compartment on the walls there are rails which removable retractable consoles with stretcher holders are attached to. The time for the complete lifting of the stretcher from the ground to the place for transportation is 25 seconds. On the ceiling there are rails with mounts for droppers, LED lighting and ventilation hatches.

At Polycar, you can order a variety of solutions for transportation and medical care, including ambulances based on Ford, MAN, Volkswagen, etc., mobile X-ray rooms, mobile dental offices, mobile surgical units, medical vehicles for personnel, etc. Also, in our company you can order the production of non-standard solutions on request.


Places for patients 6 removable places for stretchers
Places for medical staff 9 comfortable
Lifting time of the patient up to 25 seconds
Platform lifting mechanism hydraulic, “scissors” type with several options for inclination and lifting
Control a remote control
Rails on the ceiling 2 pcs. with mounts for droppers
Entrances in the side and rear parts of the body
Additional boxes and chests for components and medicines, LED lighting, ventilation hatches, a jib crane, air conditioning and heating systems