A mobile complex for surgical operations and dressings in places where there are no stationary points.

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Production on the basis of a chassis with high cross-country ability allows the use of the complex in hard-to-reach areas.

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Мобильный перевязочный хирургический комплекс.
Мобильный перевязочный комплекс прозводство в Украине.

Internal complete set by the medical equipment on request.

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The complex includes a trailer and an awning tent where medical wards are organized.

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A mobile dressing surgical complex is a vehicle, the body of which is equipped for surgical operations and dressings in the field or in places where there are no corresponding stationary points.

This vehicle is produced on off-road trucks. The body of the surgical complex is an operating room, equipped with equipment for various medical operations and patient dressings. The entrance is located on the right side of the body, the exit is on the left side. At the rear, a hydraulic lift platform is provided for lifting patients on stretchers and wheelchairs.

This complex assumes the presence of a trailer where additional equipment and awning tents are located. Tents are installed on the sides of the body, they organize waiting areas and a postoperative ward.

Among the ready-made solutions of the company there are a large number of projects completed for medical departments in various fields of activity, including standard solutions (ambulances based on Ford, MAN, Volkswagen) and non-standard solutions (mobile X-ray rooms, mobile dental rooms, evacuation buses, etc.). If you did not find a suitable option in this list, you can contact the company’s managers and they will calculate the production on request.


External sheathing steel sheets
Internal sheathing aluminum-composite panels
Entrances on the sides and in the rear part
Tent collapsible, from metal profiles
In the body places for washing hands, performing operations and storing medical equipment / medicines, seats for personnel
Trailer for additional equipment and awning tents
Floor covering rubber anti-slip coating
Electricity from a stationary network or a generator
Tail lift in the rear, with a load capacity of up to 900 kg
Systems medical lighting, conventional lighting, ventilation, intercom, electrics, heating