Several compartments: a compartment for examinations and a room for a doctor and a laboratory assistant.

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Places equipped for the rest of medical personnel.

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Мобильный рентген кабинет на базе автобуса, производство в Украине.
Передвижной рентген кабинет.
Мобильный рентген кабинет на базе автобуса производство в Украине.
Мобильный рентген-кабинет.

Mounts that rigidly fix equipment during transportation.

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Medical, video and computer equipment are selected depending on the wishes of the customer.

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A mobile X-ray room  is a chassis of a bus or a truck equipped for X-ray and fluorographic examinations. This type of vehicle is designed for fluorography in places where there is no possibility of examination in medical institutions.

The body of this vehicle is divided into several compartments. One includes equipment and a place for the patient, the second for managing the process by the doctor and laboratory assistants. In the production of such a vehicle, it should be taken into account that all equipment is rigidly fixed when moving. The design and equipment of the cabinet is designed for fluorography in any position of the patient (standing, lying, sitting). At the same time, in a standing position, the equipment should allow taking a full-length picture in frontal and lateral projections, and in a prone position in all projections. Depending on the wishes of the customer, the device may be able to display images with pictures in digital form on a computer screen and as a picture on a film.

The workplace of the doctor / laboratory assistant is equipped for conducting an examination and monitoring the process. To do this, all control and video surveillance systems are placed in a compartment separated from the room where fluorography will be performed. The mobile X-ray room provides for two beds and two seats for personnel, and an emergency exit must also be taken into account. Equipment and medical furniture should not have sharp corners.

Since this type of vehicle is intended for the constant presence of people in it and work in various weather conditions, ventilation, air conditioning and autonomous heating systems must be present. Also, the lighting system, thermal insulation and sound insulation should be taken into account in all compartments.

Polycar’s product range includes a large number of solutions for medical departments in various fields of activity, including ambulances and medical vehicles based on Ford, MAN, Volkswagen, as well as custom-made projects, such as Torsus medical evacuation buses, mobile surgical complexes, mobile dental offices, etc.


Frame a construction of steel profiles
Inner sheathing composite panels or decorative laminate
Floor covering moisture-resistant bakelite plywood with a thermal insulation layer
Thermal and sound insulation mats made of synthetic fibers, foam plastic, foil foam (penofol) or option to choose from
Emitter x-ray, reversible anode
Compartments compartments for personnel, for research and sleeping
Electricity in the sheathing, work from the mains and a diesel generator
Equipment doctor’s workplace, video surveillance, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, medical custom-made equipment, etc.