Lifting various loads weighing up to 60 tons. The maximum lifting height is up to 59 meters.

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The hydraulic system of the crane allows smooth control of all mechanisms.

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Control from an additional cabin using joysticks.

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A wide range of speeds for working operations.

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An autocrane is a boom mechanism mounted on a car chassis, designed to perform unloading and loading operations at various heights. This equipment is controlled from an additional cab on the column using joysticks or levers.

Our company offers various models of cranes with a maximum lifting capacity of up to 60 tons and a lifting height of up to 59 meters. The boom has up to 5 retractable sections. The units are equipped with the necessary security systems and comply with Ukrainian standards. For the stability of the crane, such vehicles are equipped with retractable outriggers.


Loading capacity up to 60 tons
Lifting height up to 59 meters
System hydraulic
Lowering depth up to 11 meters
Working area up to 360˚
Vehicle environmental class Euro-5
Control joysticks in the cab
Number of extending sections up to 5