Treatment of water with a high degree of pollution from lakes, rivers, reservoirs, canals, wells, etc.

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High productivity of equipment, various options for water treatment equipment.

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Мобильная фильтровальная станция производство в Украине.
Водоотчистная система на базе прицепа.
Фильтровальная мобильная система на базе прицепа.

Compliance with Ukrainian and European sanitary standards.

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Autonomous work of the installation, production on the basis of a truck chassis or a trailer.

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A mobile water treatment station is an autonomous water purification system designed to provide high quality drinking water from various sources (lakes, rivers, reservoirs, canals, wells). The system uses water with a high degree of turbidity and produces clean water that meets all sanitary standards.

We provide the opportunity to order systems with a productivity of up to 5000 l/h. For water treatment, European-made equipment is used, it meets all Ukrainian and European sanitary standards. Depending on the tasks and characteristics, water treatment equipment can be installed on a trailer, in a car body or in a container.


Productivity of installation 5 cu. m/h
Water intake depth up to 40 meters
Deployment time up to 3 hours
Closure time up to 1.5 hours
Maximum power 4 kW
Quality of purified water SanPiN 2.2.4-171-10
Production based on a trailer or chassis
Additionally hoses, a generator, electrical equipment