Registration of various documents in places where there are no stationary service centers.

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Internal equipment with office furniture and equipment with locks for transport position.

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Мобильные сервисные центры производства Polycar.

A retractable awning to protect against rainfall and removable tables for visitors.

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A diesel generator for autonomous operation, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting systems etc.

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A mobile service center is a vehicle equipped to provide various services related to the receipt and execution of documents for the people in places where there are no stationary service offices. The production takes into account the availability of working space for staff with a table, a filing cabinet, office equipment, etc. Fasteners, that rigidly fix equipment and furniture, are provided for transportation.

Our company provides several options for the execution of such vehicles: based on a minibus or a truck. In production on the basis of a minibus, retractable awnings are installed outside, it protects visitors from the sun and precipitation, several windows are provided on one side for filing documents. In the production of a service center based on a truck chassis, the body is converted into a full-fledged office, with a variable volume. This option provides for dividing the usable space into several compartments: for staff, reception, toilet, technical room, etc.


Interior equipment office furniture and equipment
Fixation with tie-down cables
Reception of visitors two windows with removable tables
Autonomous operation a diesel generator
Retractable awning sun and rain protection
Floor covering anti-slip rubber coating
Systems heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, wi-fi, etc.