Interior equipment: a bar counter, tables with seats, a washbasin, equipment for heating and cooking, drawers and cabinets.

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The number of seats inside depends on the bus, from 18 to 38. The number of seats outside is up to 64.

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Мобильная столовая или кафе на колесах производства Polycar.
Кафе на колесах на базе автобуса.
Автобус столовая производства Polycar.
Ресторан на колесах, производство в Украине.

Sliding awnings on both sides, niches for furniture, a generator and various additional equipment.

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Portable / stationary washbasins, dryers, water and food tanks.

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A cafe on wheels or a mobile canteen is an autonomous mobile food station (AMFS) designed for cooking hot meals and organizing the catering process in the field, in places where there are no stationary food points, as well as for entertainment purposes.

This type of specialized vehicles is produced on the basis of various brands of buses (mainly intercity versions). Depending on the field of activity (military or entertainment), they have various configuration and execution options. If this type of vehicle is used for the military sphere, then the main task is to prepare hot food in a short period of time, as well as to ensure that a large number of people can eat at the same time. If this car is equipped as a cafe on wheels, then much attention is paid to the interior and convenience.

Also, in the production of autonomous mobile food stations, the installation of awnings (retractable canopies) is provided. This option allows you to increase the number of seats for eating. Awnings are installed along the entire length of the bus on the sides, this option allows you to organize up to 40-60 more seats, depending on the length of the bus and the overall dimensions of the awning in the unfolded state. On customer’s request, several variants of awnings can be installed: mechanical (sliding apart manually) or with an electric drive (sliding apart with a button).

To store folding tables and chairs that are placed outside, you can use the luggage compartments of the bus. Also, for convenience, several washbasins (which are put outside) are provided. This is done in order to avoid crowds in front of the washbasin inside the bus.


Number of seats inside up to 38
Number of seats outside up to 64
Distribution of internal space for eating (up to 12 sq. m.), for serving food (up to 4 sq. m.), for washing hands (up to 1 sq. m.)
Retractable awnings on the sides, control from a remote control or panel inside
Systems air conditioning, heating, add. lighting, ventilation, water supply and drainage
Electricity from the mains or a generator
Wash basins stationary and portable wash basins
Floor covering moisture-resistant bakelite plywood with layers of thermal insulation and anti-slip coating
Inner sheathing decorative laminate or material of your choice
Equipment for storing/heating/cooking food, a TV, portable tanks for food and dirty dishes, etc.