Compartments for washing, a bath, showers, for repairing clothes and shoes and a technological compartment.

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Production on the basis of a trailer or various brands of truck chassis.

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Мобильный комбинат бытового обслуживания производства Polycar.
Военный банно-прачечный комплекс производства Polycar.
Мобильный комбинат бытового обслуживания.

Equipment and a complete set are discussed individually with each customer.

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Possibility of working from stationary power networks or a generator.

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Mobile field laundries are vehicles based on a truck chassis or a trailer, designed for washing and minor repairs of clothes in places where there are no corresponding stationary points. Container-based production is also possible.

The body of the mobile field laundry is divided into several compartments: a compartment for washing, a compartment for repairing clothes or shoes, and a technological compartment. In the laundry compartment, several washing machines are provided, they are installed one above the other to save space. The repair compartment provides a work surface with sewing machines, as well as cabinets for things and racks for additional equipment. In the technological compartment there is a generator, water supply and drain systems, an electrical panel, etc.

During production, lighting and ventilation systems are taken into account, electrics is laid in the sheathing, the possibility of connecting to stationary power networks or autonomous operation from a diesel generator is taken into account.


Compartments for washing, repairing clothes and shoes and technological
Sheathing steel sheets
Inner sheathing several options to choose from
Flooring anti-slip rubber
Electricity hidden in the sheathing, work from the mains or a generator
Lighting in all compartments
Entrances separate, to each compartment
Systems ventilation, water supply, drainage, heating