The number of seats is from 10 to 30, depending on the design and chassis.

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Several basic options: passenger or cargo-passenger.

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Вахтовки Ивеко производства Polycar.
Вахтовка купить в Украине, производство под заказ.
Вахтовые автобусы поликар, различные варианты вахтовок.
Вахтовка Isuzu производство в Укераине.
Вахтовый автобус на базе Isuzu производства Polycar.

Air conditioning, heating, ventilation and communication with the driver.

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Additionally, can be installed: workplaces with a table, a winch and a signal-loudspeaker device.

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Bus trucks are designed to transport specialized teams and cargo to their places of deployment. Such buses are widely used among repair, construction, municipal and geological exploration enterprises.

The body of the bus truck is made on a truck chassis with high cross-country ability, this is primarily due to the desire of the customer to make the vehicle as versatile as possible, ready for any weather conditions and as passable as possible. Considering the remote areas these vehicles have to work in, it is better to choose a truck with maximum cross-country ability (even if it is used in the city, it will be easier to sell later if it is designed for the worst conditions). Therefore, most of these buses are made on the basis of all-wheel drive chassis MAZ, KAMAZ, Ural, GAZ, Scania, Mercedes, Ford, etc.

There are two main types of shift buses: cargo-passenger and passenger. The passenger version is made with the maximum number of seats, which the chassis allows to fit. The cargo-passenger bus transports not only specialized teams, but also cargo that may be needed in remote areas. The second option is more versatile, because it allows you to use the vehicle as a bus and as a truck. Such bus trucks have 2 times less seats due to the fact that the body is divided into 2 compartments: for cargo and passengers.


Variants of execution passenger or cargo-passenger
Number of seats from 10 to 30
Platform construction of steel profiles
Systems lighting, air conditioning, ventilation, communication with the driver
Entrances in the rear or side parts or both
Tool boxes under the platform in the rear
Sheathing material to choose from
Additional working space with table, a winch, a signaling device

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Вахтовкав Iveco Eurocargo.
15 September 2021
Клиенты выбирают надежных партнеров – передана еще одна партия вахтовок!

Производство партии вахтовых автомобилей на базе Iveco Eurocargo с 22 комфортабельными посадочными местами.

Вахтовка Iveco Eurocargo, партия производтсва Polycar.
19 March 2020
Партия вахтовок на базе Iveco Eurocargo с комфортабельными салонами.

Партия комфортабельных вахтовых автомобилей, выполненных в Polycar, на базе Iveco EuroCargo ML110E25WS.

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